MPMF.14 Artwork and Media information


For Press/Media Inquiries, contact: Alex Breyer, Alex Breyer Media

For Editorial Inquiries, contact: Mike Breen, CityBeat Music Editor

For Booking Inquiries, contact: Dan McCabe, MPMF Artistic Director

For Marketing/Sponsorship Inquiries, contact: Dan Bockrath, Publisher/Executive Director

Media Credentials:

Thank you for your interest in covering the MIDPOINT MUSIC FESTIVAL!

To apply for a media credential, please read the guidelines below and click the button to proceed to the Official Request Form, which will help us better assist you.  Please remember this is only a request, and it may not be approved.

PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATION BY AUGUST 27, 2014. We will not review or consider applications received after this date.  You will be notified of your application status by September 5, 2014. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

If your application is approved, you will receive complete check-in and on-site details.

Given the nature and layout of the festival, there is a very limited number of media credentials available. In order to be considered for media credentials, you MUST BE ON ASSIGNMENT with coverage secured.


RADIO & TV STATIONS: Please be as specific as possible about your coverage plans, and any on-site broadcasting you wish to do. You will be required to supply an affidavit of your coverage post festival.


WEBZINES and BLOGGERS:  Limited credentials are available for webzines and bloggers.  Please help us by providing detailed information about the website.

FREELANCE MEDIA:  All attending media MUST be on assignment with coverage secured.  We will be contacting your editor to confirm your assignment upon submitting your application.


PHOTOGRAPHERS ON ASSIGNMENT:  Photographers, please be advised that there are no special photo credentials issued for MidPoint Music Festival as there are no dedicated photo areas/pits at any of the venues. You will experience the festival as all wristband wearers do.


Press Releases

Find an archive for all press releases on this year's festival here.

Band Photography

Find high resolution photos for artists in this year's festival here.


Please use the following official festival logos and images when posting about MidPoint Music Festival (include both EPS and GIF downloads)

MPMF.14 Logo Option
MPMF.14 Logo Option
MPMF.14 Logo